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  • Thermotechnical Metrology Scientific Institute

    Institute for Thermal Metrology currently established temperature, pressure, scene three laboratories. In temperature (radiation measurement, contact measurement), pressure, wind speed and vacuum areas such as scientific research and measurement value transfer work, the main task is to build in these areas, save the measurement standard is based, to carry out money transfer to ensure the province's temperature , unit of measure magnitude unified pressure, vacuum, wind speed and accurate and reliable. Institute for Thermal Metrology focus on personnel training, personnel for the legislation of the country, the existing staff detected 19 people, including four senior engineers, four engineers, technician, Assistant Engineer two people. Currently working to establish a reference means platinum resistance thermometer, standard platinum-rhodium...

  • Physicochemical Metrology Scientific Institute

    Physical and Chemical Research Institute of Metrology is mainly engaged in Yunnan Province, physical and chemical analysis test equipment verification / calibration to ensure accurate and consistent province chemical analysis measurement values for science and technology, food safety, disease control, environmental monitoring, pharmaceutical chemicals, international trade offers stoichiometric basic services. Under the chemical, optical, three gas instrument calibration laboratory. The institute has 14 active employees, including four master's degree, college or higher nine people, three senior engineers, engineers, nine titles...

  • Medical Science Metrology Scientific Institute

    Institute of Medical Sciences is a medical measurement equipment, optical instruments, metrology, calibration, test for the main business of professional institutes. The 10 full-service workers, more than 8 college education, including graduate 2; have senior titles, engineers, grade four, grade four co-workers. Institute of Medical Sciences is currently measured to establish public standards of measurement 16, with the Swedish RTI's medical X-ray radiation detection equipment, Datrend Systems Canada's multi-parameter monitors, defibrillators monitor, medical syringe pump / infusion pump quality inspection equipment, Canada IMT Medical company ventilator / anesthesia machine quality detector...

  • Engineering Metrology and Mechanic Metrology Scientific Institute

    Measurement and Mechanical Engineering Institute of Metrology has set up three professional chambers, namely the length of the room, room quality, engineering metering chamber. Mainly responsible for province-wide measurement of the length, measurement science and mechanics measurement values (quality, measuring, hardness, torque, vibration, speed, ultrasound) in areas such as transfer of work. Existing professional and technical personnel 18, including a senior engineer, senior vice 5, 8 engineers, Assistant Engineer 4. Measurement and Mechanical Engineering Institute of Metrology build Yunnan has 42 public standard, 23 national standards, 19 provincial standards. Form Talysurf shape my chamber length / surface roughness measuring instrument...

  • Information and Electricity Metrology Scientific Institute

    Information and Electrical Institute of Metrology set our hospital electromagnetic, electronics measurement research / test technician. Existing senior engineer three people, which enjoy "the Yunnan provincial government special allowance" and "Yunnan Province, outstanding contributions of outstanding professional and technical personnel," each one, five engineering graduate students; personnel structure with highly educated, young characteristics. It owns 0.01 AC (DC) standard multi-function table, the current ratio of 0.001 standard, datron1281, FLUKE8508 other international and domestic advanced standard instrumentation. Including the establishment of "0.01 standard three-phase power system", including 25 electromagnetic, electrical safety, time and frequency measurement standard class (social utility meter...

  • Flow Metrology Scientific Institute

    Flow measurement is one of the important areas of measurement technology, multi-faceted livelihood metering, trade settlement, security and energy management, etc., with large wide technical and other characteristics. Traffic Institute of Metrology under: flow chamber, room capacity, tanker room and Yunnan meter testing center; the whole of the technical backbone, has two senior engineer, four engineers, three were postgraduates. Mainly responsible for province-wide traffic capacity measurement standard of value transfer, according to the law and to carry out fuel tankers, compulsory verification filling machine, car tankers, chemical tankers and dangerous water meters and other measuring instruments, as well as liquid, gas flow meter, level gauge, vertical, horizontal...

  • Weighing Apparatus Metrology Scientific Institute

    Weighing verification is the most traditional, the most basic and most important technology in the field of measurement. Metrological verification of the existing professional and technical personnel 15, including a senior engineer 3. Weighing chamber provided large and small weighing chamber, the amount of goods chamber. Built instrument verification device and the amount of goods packaging measurement test. The main work: commitment to national and provincial net content of prepackaged goods inspection and special supervision; to carry out dynamic road vehicles automatic scale, electronic truck scale, to the scale, floor scale, bench scale, case scales, electronic scales, price computing scale, gravity automatic filling instruments, continuous totalizing automatic weighing instruments and a number of test / calibration; net content of prepackaged goods inspection of the Commission...

  • Traffic Metrology Scientific Institute

    交Through metering Research Institute existing staff of 13 people, graduate students, senior engineer three people. Divided taximeter, vehicle inspection chamber two specialized chambers. The institute is currently establishing public standards a total of 12, including the highest standards 7, assume the relevant areas of expertise within the scope of Yunnan verification / calibration quantity transfer tasks and research and development work. The main business area is the taxi meter test / calibration, installation, adjustment repair, research and development; motor vehicle safety performance test metering equipment verification / calibration, adjustment repair, research and development; motor vehicle exhaust gas pollution detection equipment test / calibration, adjustment and repair; metering speed road traffic management device test / calibration, adjustment repair; radar...

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